Sara Mcnelis

Sara Mcnelis


OWNER, CROSSFIT COACH, BODYFIT COACH , Body Transformation Specialist 

Sara’s is the fearless leader of Total Conditioning!

Having owned CrossFit gyms for the past 9 years, she is all about Eating Well, Training Well, Living Well and Following Your Dreams. 

“I believe we live in a world where we put to much expectation on ourself. I want people to know that they can live a healthy, happy, fulfilled life, without diet and restrictions – and it can be easy. Yes, you have to work hard and want it, but the method is simple and fun”. 

Everything Sara has done in the previous 10 years has been a building block to where she is now. Owning / operating a successful overseas fitness retreat company, studying holistic nutrition, becoming a certified health coach, working with over 200 men and women in body transformation challenges, attending countless fitness, nutrition, motivational workshops, competing in CrossFit competitions, Lululemon ambassador, and most recently having created “Sydney Business Women” a network for entrepreneurial women – helping them connect, learn, and support one another!

This year Saras life gave even more purpose with the arrival of her baby boy Noah. She now spends her days finding balance between being a mum and a business owner. “Like any parent juggling work / family life can have its challenges, some days I feel like I’m nailing this, other days I simply don’t .. BUT for me I feel like I’m living a blessed life – my days are a mixture of doing what I love, and being surrounded by incredible humans, and being with my family”. 

“Whether you are thinking of joining Total Conditioning to lose weight, get fit, build strength or meet new people, i promise  in every way possible myself and our team will help you achieve the healthiest life imaginable! 

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness 
  • CrossFit Certificate Level 1
  • Thump Boxing Certificate Level 1
  • Dalecki Gymnastics Level 1
  • ISCA Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Holistic Nutrition 
  • Certified Health Coach
Favorite and least favorite exercise
  • Hand Stand Pushups
  • Thrusters