Designed by Mums for Mums!

Our workouts are designed in the same format as BodyFit, but with the understanding of the recovery stages after giving birth. 

Each class will challenge you within your own personal limits, with a strong focus on goals, fun, making new friends, and safety.

Did we mention we have a FREE creche! Our indoor childminding service and expert carers provide your bubbas with the care and safety that they deserve – all while you enjoy a little time to yourself.


  • 4 weekday classes (10am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • 1 weekend session 
  • Free Yoga session
  • Child-minding
  • 30 minute nutrition consultation + goal setting
  • Healthy meal plan 

How often should you go? We’ve tried to make this program as effortless as possible for mums, so you can simply train as little or as much as you like. We do recommend for maximum results 4 sessions per week. 

*Please seek medical clearance prior to beginning any exercise program post birth. We can also recommend a wonderful Women’s Physiotherapy Clinic who specialise in Pre/Post  birth. 

*We understand placing your baby into new care can be a little scary, and for some it can take time to adjust – but we promise you and bubba will adjust. Just allow yourself the time to get there. We promise in the end everyone will love going to the gym! 


- If you’re new, try to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class.
- Wear something you feel comfortable sweating in: tank and shorts/leggings for women, squatting style shorts for men.
- If you have an injury, please talk to the coach prior to class so that they can give you proper modifications.


- Rehydrate after class with water and additional natural or supplemental electrolytes. Eat a balanced snack or meal within 90 minutes of class. We recommend a protein shake or protein smoothie within 20 minutes of training to help repair muscle fibres, this will also aid in recovery, helping you get back into your next class.
- Health Tip: Flush toxins from your body, start your day with a glass of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon.