Max Bulmer

Max Bulmer



Max is the Head Coach of Total Conditioning.

Max comes from a background of performing arts and competitive team sports such as Rugby and Cricket. Such experiences have allowed him to understand the importance of creating an inclusive, fun and safe learning environment for CrossFit athletes and newcomers. He is one of our most knowledgeable coaches who is attentive to every member in his class.

Max has over 7 years of CrossFit experience as an athlete, and 6 years as a Coach. These years of experiences are exemplified in Max’s CrossFit classes where he always demonstrates advanced knowledge and instruction of the technical movements of CrossFit.

He has years of CrossFit competition experience, coaching both individuals and teams through high stakes CrossFit competitions. One of Max’s most memorable coaching achievements includes coaching one athlete all the way to qualifying for the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Max leads many of our specialist classes and seminars where he puts into practice his advanced coaching knowledge of teaching Olympic lifting as well as Gymnastics.

He is passionate about a healthy and positive mindset and views physical training as much more than just what our bodies ‘look’ like. He is a firm believer in maintaining a balance between all the dimensions of health.

  • Crossfit Certificate Level 1
  • First Aid
Favorite and least favorite exercise
  • Muscle up / Handstand Walking
  • Assault Bike